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Research Center for High Performance Titanium Alloy Preparation

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Research Center for High Performance Titanium Alloy Preparation

High-performance Titanium Alloys Research Institute focuses on High-end Key Material Preparation Technology Research and solves the key technical problems in the domestic production of titanium alloys. The ambition includes the localization and stabilization of producing high-performance titanium materials; the advancement of the comprehensive upgrade of materials performance of titanium alloys; the building of the core competitiveness of domestic high-tech materials, and the industrial upgrading in the field of non-ferrous metal deep processing. It will meet the demands of critical industries and vigorously promote the application of high-performance titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys in aerospace, civilian, marine and other key areas.

The Institute is mainly composed of relevant technical personnel with extensive experience in the titanium industry. The team has extensive experience in the preparation of high-performance titanium alloys, has achieved fruitful results in the processing and has many core technologies.


Core Technology
1.Titanium alloy composition design based on improved performance
The project team has studied the relationship between titanium alloy composition and titanium alloy microstructure and mechanical properties. With the experimental verification conducted, the effect of different elements in titanium alloy on the mechanical properties of titanium alloys is summarized. Based on this law, a variety of new titanium alloy materials have been developed.

2.High-Homogeneous and Clean Titanium Alloy Smelting Technology
A mathematical physics model of titanium alloy ingot melting was established, and a high homogenous clean titanium alloy ingot smelting method was invented to improve the uniformity and stability of titanium alloy ingot composition. Through raw material control, key process parameter control and other process control methods, good batch stability of high-average clean titanium alloy ingots is achieved.

3.High-quality titanium alloy bar/slab preparation technology
The titanium alloy forging shape simulation technology research was carried out to predict the forging simulation and microstructure evolution of different specifications of titanium alloy rods and slabs. Combining with the computer simulation and simulation results of forging process parameters, the qualitative and quantitative relationships between the organizational changes and the forging process parameters were summarized. Based on the experiments, a number of new forging processes, including multi-directional forging, and large-deformation forging, were developed to achieve the consistency and performance stability of high-quality titanium alloy bars and slabs.

4.High-performance spherical titanium powder preparation technology
Titanium powder preparation technology research was carried out and the preparation methods and key process parameters applicable to the preparation of titanium alloy spherical powders were summarized. Control critical process parameters and special processes to improve the stability and fluidity of titanium powder particle size distribution. For different alloys, the relationship between alloy physical parameters and powder properties was studied, and the different process parameter ranges of different alloys were summarized to realize the Preparation of customization, stabilization, and high-performance alloy powders.


Industrialization process

The relevant technology of the institute has already met the basic conditions for industrialization input and is currently conducting business communication with the government and investment institutions. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.






Application Fields:Aviation,  Astronautic, Vessles & boats,  Weapons, Chemical industry,  Metallurgy, Machinery, Electronics, Energy, Light Industry, Medical Freatment