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Tianjin Tsingke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tianjin Tsingke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


Tianjin Tsingke Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Textile Economic Zone Binhai New Area Tianjin, which is jointly funded and set up by the institute of Tianjin High-end equipment research and institute Tsinghua university alumni. commitment to R&D, production and sell of advancing dedusting filter material and water filter material, and provide solution of corresponding filtration technology.


The company rely on Tsinghua university Department of Mechanical Engineering and the institute of Tianjin High-end equipment research, technology research and development lead by Tsinghua university professor and Dr team.production and manufacture by several specialist who has more than ten years experience in the industry organizations, at present we have owned “TsingKe-Tex”series Coating filter material with completely independent intellectual property rights and manufacture complete sets of equipment be designed and made by ourself.  


Supported by good platform foundation and Strength of R&D, TsingKe will adhering to the business principle " Innovation Leading, Excellent quality, customer first, Sincerity service", constantly develop new technology and new process, improve product quality and and technological content, close to world's advanced level gradually; meanwhile, dig deeper into the product application space, expand application areas, provide our clients with better products and quality services.  


TsingKe-Tex series filter material is a new type of coating material, which is developed by the company in combination with the patent technology of Tsinghua University. The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) nanoparticles assembled to the filter fiber surface, rather than the whole surface of the filter, the fibrous filter media coverage of more than 95%, the media has better strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to oxidation and ash characteristics, resulting in the same working conditions with longer service life, for the complex conditions of the industrial gas filter processing has strong adaptability.




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Address: No. 1 in Textile Economic Zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tianjin

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Contact Person:Chuan Du

Tel: 022-63298212

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