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Industry Management

Education Popularization
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Committed to the concept of “Serving the Society with Tsinghua’s Science and Technology”, THTI unites and organizes experts and scholars, enterprise and technical elites in various fields of the manufacturing industry to promote the development of science and technology in the field of advanced equipment manufacturing; improves the popularization of new technologies and the transformation and upgrading of China’s service industry and enterprises; supports the implementation of the strategy of  the manufacturing development and strives to build the largest domestic industry-education-research cooperation and innovation platform.

Major Work: To popularize scientific and technological knowledge of equipment manufacturing industry and spread scientific thought and methods and advanced technology; to carry out technical exchanges, promotion, consultancy and service and project cooperation in the field of equipment manufacturing; to organize related units to carry out domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation, and organize exhibitions, technical seminars and symposiums; to establish talent assessment standard system of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry for the cultivation of senior management personnel, technical backbones and training teacher in the field of equipment manufacturing; and to gather senior talent resources of the equipment manufacturing industry for building China’s professional talent pool in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing.

Special Training Courses: Series courses of Executive Development Program on “Made in China 2025 & Chinese Manufacturing Industry Strategy in the 13th Five-Year Plan” (2016 Executive Development Program of National Professional Talent Knowledge Renewal Project); series of courses in “Three Intelligent” (intelligent manufacturing, intelligent city, intelligent life) and  “Three Creators” (innovator, entrepreneur, maker); series of courses in key generic technology of advanced manufacturing (advanced technology, product design, software application and simulation, technical management, production management by industrial enterprises); series of special improvement course in informationization promotion of industrial enterprises (business operation and management, IT management, IT framework and technological curriculum).