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Tianjin Clean-lub Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd
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Tianjin Clean-lub Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd


Tianjin Qingrunbo Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd was set up in May, 2017, with the registered capital of 1.2 million RMB. It is a technology enterprise with the main business scope of environmental high-end metal processing lubrication oil/liquid research development, production, sales as well as relevant technical services, testing operation and maintenance as well as meeting services. The company depends on Tianjin Lubrication Technology Research Institute for Advanced Equipment. The company is devoted to research & development, production and sales of environmental water-based metal processing liquid, lubrication oil and core additive and providing water processing filtration technology and anti-rust control solutions relevant to the products. The business fields are involved with equipment manufacturing, mechanical processing, petrochemical engineering, new energy automobiles and other fields. Currently, the company has boasted whole series of more than twenty metal processing liquid and lubrication oil additive mature products.


Under good platform foundation as well as research and development strength, the company will adhere to the principles of leading by innovation, excellent quality, customer-oriented and credible services, to continuously research and develop new technologies and new crafts, so as to improve the scientific and technological content of products, which can even match the advanced level all over the world. In the meanwhile, the company makes in-depth exploration of product application space, enlarge application field and provide customers with more high-quality products and services.