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Workstation for Academicians and Axperts
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Workstation for Academicians and Experts



THTI’s workstation for academicians and experts was established on September 22, 2015, it is founded by THTI and the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts on mechanical design and theory (fluid sealing) and professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering , Tsinghua University Mr. Wang Yuming.   

Professor Wang Yuming works on the development and industrialization of non-contact sealing device of turbomachinery as well as measurement& control systems, he insists on integrating theoretical research, experimental study and engineering application closely. Professor Wang has obtained a number of proprietary intellectual property rights and internationally advanced achievements, the industrialization of which have also been realized.

The establishment of the workstation may further strengthen the cooperation on research of material rubbing and impact that focuses on the technical framework of “turbine and pump spindle mechanical seal, mechanism of water lubricated bearing and key components” and “high-end metal processing lubricant and the gear oil for heavy-duty vehicles”. The workstation can promote the innovation of the academician and his team as well as the technical teams of THTI by using the innovation advantages and experience for reference during the research of major projects and the conquering of research problems and to the cultivation of high-level management and research talents.

Establishment of the workstation may help raise THTI’s self-innovation ability and core competitiveness, speed up product research of enterprises, contribute to THTI’s leading role in the same field, promote closely cooperation of university-industry-research, and attract, talents introduction and development.