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Research Institute for Industrial Technology
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Research Institute for Industrial Technology


In order to accelerate the development of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises in Tianjin, solve the technical problems of enterprises and strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry of Tianjin, the Research Institute for Industrial Technology (RIIT) of THTI was established and  the industrial technology platform between Tianjin and THTI was built.

RIIT was established based on THTI’s seven research institutes, which functions as a comprehensive industrial development supporting platform that integrates technical development, multidimensional technical service and high-tech enterprise incubation. The platform concentrates seven scientific research institutes, such as robot institute of THTI. Based on the national independent innovation demonstration zone of Tianjin (hereinafter referred to as “independent innovation zone”) and rely on the advantages of Tianjin province and THTI in the aspects of  advanced equipment manufacturing industry, technical innovation and service, industrial incubation as well asinvestment and financing, etc., RIIT established the industrial platform of Tianjin and THTI, promoted industrial development and accelerated regional economic construction. RIIT has constructed the technical R&D platform, technological innovation platform, talents platform, financial service platform and public entrepreneurship service platform in order to become a world-class base of advanced equipment technology and product innovation, providing scientific research service and technical support for industrial development.

TRIIT plans to break through the specific scientific research transformations and industrialization projects listed below and establish comprehensive in-depth cooperation with relevant enterprises in Dongli District, so as to promote the sustainable development of related industrial technologies of Dongli. 
1. Plane spraying automation; 
2. Test on mechanical friction, abrasion and lubrication as well as status
3. Technical research and equipment development on electron beam selective melting (EBSM);
4. Electromagnetic tempering technology;
5. Nuclear reactor structure design and stress analysis technology;
6. Integrated micro-and nano-manufacturing technology, surface and interface technology, microfluidics design and biological signal identification technology;
7. PTFE self-assembly filter material coating technology;
8. Key technologies of intelligent medical equipment and service realm.

RIIT relies on THTI and explores system and mechanism innovation. As a public institution, THTI adopts the enterprization operation mode and serves as a collaborative public entrepreneurship platform and a concentrated startup incubation system. With regard to the industrial incubation mode, THTI strives to attract more innovative talents and teams, links scientific& technological resource with industrial resource, combines entrepreneurial resource with financial resource, and integrates scientific research innovation and cultural transmission. As far as technical service mode is concerned, RIIT adopts production authorization, patents purchasement, technicians special support for small and micro enterprises, enterprises entrust projects, team working and technical specialists follow-up service for medium-sized enterprises, technical requirements guidance, tackling direction excavation, cooperation and team stationed for conglomerates.