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Missions & Objectives
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Missions & Objectives

Guided by the innovative mission of “localization of independent innovation in the equipment industry and high added-value in the service industry”, THTI strives to establish an Industry-University-Research-Investment collaborative innovation system through construction of collaborative innovation system, innovation-oriented industrial chain and Popular Entrepreneurship Service Park to promote the development of China’s advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

▶ Shifting from basic innovation to application innovation; 

▶ Upgrading from single product creation to system manufacturing service;

▶ Optimizing from traditional independent innovation to organizational collaborative innovation mode;

▶ Serving for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation and the strategy of national green intelligent manufacturing;

Development orientation

▶ City-University cooperation platform (promote the City-Uiversity strategic cooperation);

▶ Technical R&D platform (output scientific and technological achievements of independent innovation); 

▶ Science and technology transformation and industrial incubation platform (promote the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements); 

▶ Talent cultivation and talent aggregation platform (attracting talents and promoting innovation);

▶ International cooperation platform;   

Development targets

▶ World-class base for advanced equipment technology and products innovation;  

▶ World-class base for testing and accreditation of equipment, parts and components; 

▶ World-class base for intelligent products design and development;

▶ International base for top level talents cultivation and aggregation;