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Research Center for Sand Industry Engineering Equipment

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Research Center for Sand Industry Engineering Equipment

In order to process the sand willow into green building material, the Research Center of Sand Industry Engineering Equipment researches and designs a full set of mechanical equipment, by using the sand willow timber producing process, to promote the forming of a new industry, that will promote the sustainable development of sand industry, and make contribution to environmental protection and ecological civilization construction.

The team is leaded by Lu Xinchun, professor of the Department of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University, doctoral tutor, professor of the Changjiang. Mr. Li Maolin, the patent inventor of the sand willow technology, is hired to design and manufacture the equipment for the sand willow timber. The team currently has 2 professors, 3 mechanical engineers, 1 electrical engineer and 1 chemical engineer.

1.The sand willow timber has good size stablity, mechanical property and designability.The flame retardant coefficient is B1 in Chinese standard which is the same with the EU standard. The formaldehyde emission is less than 0.02 PPM in US standard.Utilization of the sand willow timber is very broad.It can be used to produce outdoor stuffs, wooden structure houses, doors, windows,furniture and the material of ancient building repair.

2.The main equipments that are designed accroding to the process of producing the sand willow timber are: compression debarker, modified tank, dryer, spreading forming machine, compressor, heat treatment kiln and etc.

Research Center of Sand Industry Engineering Equipment will continue to develop and upgrade the full set of mechanical equipment, improve the automation of the equipment according to the requirements of the process and products, to promote the development of sand willow green building material industry, to achieve the goal that is to prevent and control the desertification and restore the ecological enviroment sustainably.

The Research Institute for Adcanced Equipment, Tsinghua Unversity signed a formal strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Bohai Fine Chemical  Co., Ltd in April 19, 2016.The main project is to build a green building material base that produces 500 thousand M³ sand willow timber per year in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The first phase that planned to be put into operation in the year is to build a demonstrative base that will have an annual output of 100 thousand M³ sand willow timber at Erdos.

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