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Research Center for Advanced Bearing and Rotating Machinery

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Research Center for Advanced Bearing and Rotating Machinery

Research Center for Advanced Bearing and Rotating Machinery was estabulished at Tsinghua University Tianjin Advanced Equipment Institute in late 2015, mainliy facing the technical requirements for magnetic bearings and its supporting rotating machinery, and aiming at promoting research incubators, engineering and technology developments and industrialization. Magnetic bearings are the international emerging high-tech products in the field of natural gas, environmental protection , energy, vacuum equipment and  weaponry due to its rotating machinery with no friction , high efficiency and low vibration nois, which are closely related to people's livelihood, economic development and national security.

Research Center for Advanced Bearing and Rotating Machinery team is dedicated to conducting basic theoretical research on magnetic bearings and its supporting rotating machinery, striving to make technological breakthrough, developing the typical product prototype, promoting products and related application. The institute assembled serialized design , manufacturing and technical services teams, and made ??a major breakthrough in maglev motors, fans, sea pumps and other products. The institute focused on the cooperation with manufacturing enterprises, and actively promoted the industrialization of scientific research results. The team has published 4 books, more than 200 SCI and EI articles, and has more than 30 patents for inventions.

1. The oil and gas field
▶ Compressor
▶ Turboexpander

2. The sewage treatment and refrigeration field
▶ Refrigeration Compressors
▶ Air Compressors
▶ Blowers

3. The semiconductor field
▶ vacuum pump
▶ robotics

4. Other fields in energy
▶ high speed generator
▶ gas turbine


Rearch Institute of High-end Bearing and Rotating Machinery currently provide available magnetic levitation motors, pumps, fans and other products, and is developing the magnetic levitation compressors, expanders, gas turbines, and aircraft engines and other products, laying the foundation for industrial productions, services and the future long-term development . Institute underway magnetic bearings and rotating machinery construction related industry standards. The institute will also engage in the research and development work in the field of machinery and equipment and electrical equipment or other related equipments, and will carry out domestic and international cooperation in related fields.


Main products

▶ Maglev high power high speed asynchronous motor
▶ Maglev high power high speed permanent magnet motor
▶ Maglev blower
▶ Magnetic bearing molecular vacuum pump
▶ Maglev refrigeration compressor with magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor in gas fields

Contact Information
Address: Building No.4, TI-Park , Hongshun Road, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Tel: 010-62788687 
Email: zkfchbh@tsinghua.edu.cn
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