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Research Center for Marine Information and Intelligent Equipment

Research Centers

Research Center for Marine Information and Intelligent Equipment

The basic introduction of the Institute

The Institute of oceanographic information and intelligent equipment is a research institute based on the National Laboratory of information science and technology of Tsinghua University. Research directions are the autonomous underwater vehicle (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, referred to as AUV) and the formation of multiple AUV underwater colonies, including the kinematics mechanism of underwater robot research, deep under the environment of information exchange and processing, development and cooperation, deep sea AUV positioning equipment in deep-sea environment and manufacturing technology, machine learning theory and the application technology,complex manufacturing process modeling and optimization of scheduling technology.


Core technology

The main development of AUV is a bionic robotic fish, which is modeled as the prototype of bluefin tuna. Bluefin tuna is widely distributed in the Pacific and the Atlantic of the northern hemisphere. It inhabits the sea with a depth of 0-985 meters, and has a fast swimming speed. The instantaneous speed can reach 160 kilometers, and the average speed is about 60-80 kilometers. So the bluefin tuna has excellent streamlines used for drag reduction and swimming ability.
The AUV products I have developed have the following characteristics:

  ■  High definition binocular camera, 270 degree camera range, 1080P resolution.
  ■  The target swimming speed is high, and the final target is more than 24kn.
  ■  A wide range and sensitive sonar detection
  ■  Multiple positioning, inertial navigation, Beidou, GPS.
  ■  High intelligent level of information sharing, intelligent obstacle avoidance, group coordination
  ■  Rapid underwater charging and charging information is uploaded at a high speed.
  ■  Servo attitude control system with flexible steering and low energy consumption.
  ■  A shape of bluefin tuna with low resistance coefficient 
  ■  The resistance coefficient is low, the noise is low, the concealment is good, and the efficiency is high.


The process of industrialization

Planned to carry out the underwater experiment of the principle machine in June of 2018.In three years, industrialization will be realized.





Contact Information
Address: Building No.5, TI-Park , Hongshun Road, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Contact Person: Lingxi Guan
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Email: guanlx@tsinghua-tj.org