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Research Center for Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit

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Research Center for Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit

The Research Center for Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit subjected toTianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as "Research Center on Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit "),was established in August 2017, which is guided and set up by Professor Zhai Wanming, the academician of Chinese Academy of Scienceand CNR chief expertDr. Feng Quanbao. The Center isfocusing on the study of rail transit dynamic contact transmission system and the wheel&rail dynamic contact technology.Dr. Feng Quanbao is the director of the Research Center for Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit center. The deputy directors are acted as Li Xiangquan, an expert in international rail transit transmission, and Li Weiwan, who has returned from overseas.
The Research Center on Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit was jointly founded by Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University and Tianjin Yichang Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Yichang"). Yichang is dedicated to the research, production and sales of electrified railway transportation transmission system, which has been recognized within China as a National High-Tech Enterprise,and has been listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) as of June 2017; Stock code: 871619. Yichangis specializing indevelopment and innovation of various railway electrification systemsincludingcontact rails, collector shoes, pantographs andintelligentcatenary system.Most of the patents products belong to Yichang have become a new model in the field of rail transit transmission, and a number of invention patents has leaded the new trend in the rail transport transmission system.
TheResearch Center for Dynamic Contact Technology of Rail Transit will bring together the high-end talents from home and abroad, and will solve the bottleneck of the dynamic contact technology in the system and bring the dynamic contact technology to new heights.
Core Technology
1.Dynamic Wheel-set Detection System
Through the automatic wheel detection system installed on the line, "health records" for will be set up to automatically monitor the wear, crack and damage of each wheel, and the maintenance plan will be drawn up according to the data. By installing the track monitoring system on the running vehicle, the track safety and health data are collected automatically, and the health files of the rail transit line are established as well as the maintenance plan.
2.Dynamic Pantograph &Catenary Detection System
Through the Dynamic Catenary Detection System to monitor the health status of the contact wire, the maintenance routing will be made up and the health condition of each pantograph bow will also be monitored automatically. As a result, the artificial monitoring of the Pantograph &Catenarywill be changed to intelligent automatic measurement.
3.New Transmission Technology and New Rail Technology Development
Based on the patented technology of Yichang, the development of underground intelligent transmission system for public road right tram will be carried out, and the double electrode rigid contact wire for rail transit will be developed. And the research & development offrontier technologies such as the non-contact transmission system of rail transit will beimplemented.
Process of Industrialization
Yichang as a market-oriented model, which is taking economic benefits as the center and relying on scientific and technological innovation, has specialized in the company new production including integration management, regional distribution, social services, and enterprise management. Yichang has formed the research - production - sales - service integration mode in enterpriseoperation and industrial organization, and has been proficient in the production, construction, maintenance, installation andrepair about the transit products. Yichang has realized transformation of new product promotion and application. As a result, the achievements of engineering technology and industrialization of new productshas been linked together seamlessly.