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Research Center for Microfluidic Systems Design and Manufacture

Research Centers

Research Center for Microfluidic Systems Design and Manufacture

Research Center of Design and Manufacture for Microfluidic Systems (hereinafter referred as RCDMMS) was established in August 2015, leaded by Li Yong, professor of the Department of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University. Based on the interdisciplinary research activities in micro machining, microfluidic control and MEMS technologies, RCDMMS focuses on the development of biochip technology for point of care testing (POCT), and inkjet print head for industrial use.


Professor Li Yong




Team Leader: Dr. Li Yong, Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University. His interested research field is micro/nano manufacturing, including research directions of micro electro machining, ultra-precision machining, and microfluidic control devices. Supported by more than 40 research projects from NSFC, 973 and 863 Program etc., he has published more than 200 academic papers (more than 20 SCI papers and 50 EI papers) and obtained 39 warranted invention patents, in the past 20 years.

Core Technology

  • Design and Manufacture of Microfluidic Biochips

   Provide the design and processing program of microfluidic biochips based on polymer materials.

   Develop the full manufacturing process and equipment platform, including chip selection, structural design, mould core and mould design and manufacture, injection moulding, surface modification, reagent coating and packaging.


Design and simulation of chip



Micro-ECM of mould core              In vitro test for serum samples


  • Biological Detecting Instruments

Hardware design of detection system

Development of detection software

Focus on the design and development of the software system and the core modules of the related detection system, including light source driver module, photoelectric detection module, motor control module, temperature control module and others, to establish the fluorescent quantitative detection system and achieve the rapid quantitative analysis in vitro.

With the further integration and miniaturization, to form the commercial fluorescent quantitative POCT detection instrument.


Industrialization Process

RCDMMS is built on the platform of Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment and technically supported by micro/nano-manufacturing laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University. It presently focuses on the research and development of biochip technologies for further industrialization. At present, RCDMMS has established good cooperation relationship with Zhongshan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. to jointly promote the development of industrialization.


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