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Research center for Optics and Electronics

Research Centers

Research center for Optics and Electronics


Research team:Lei Huang team, department of precision instrument, Tsinghua University.



Core Technology

The research team has made important achievements in the forefront of scientific and technological development in the field of optoelectronic technology, including basic science exploration, applied basic research and system technology R&D. The main core technology is embodied in the optoelectronic system technology centered on the technology of the high-energy, large-aperture deformable mirror, including: precision machining and compensation of mirror surfaces, precise control and aberration compensation technology of mirror surfaces, stress control and release technology of mirror surfaces, high-precision adaptive wavefront control technology, high-precision distortion detection technology using the light field imaging, and so on.





Industrialization Process


The technology of the high-precision deformable mirror system is a hotspot in the field of the laser and the optoelectronic technology. It is a key core technology for modern large-scale lasers and optical systems, especially the ignition devices of laser-driven nuclear fusion. Through the nano-level precision aberration control of the ultra-thin active mirrors, the high-precision real-time correction of the optical distortions is achieved using this technology. Due to the huge energy of the large-caliber lasers and the extremely high correction accuracy, this technology is extremely difficult. It has long been monopolized by foreign countries (the active mirrors of the NIF devices of the United States are the most advanced in the world), which seriously restricts the development of the high-energy laser systems in China, especially the ongoing Shenguang III device, which is a major scientific device for national defense. Raising the autonomous research and development capabilities and the equipment levels of the active mirror technology will effectively promote the strategy of “Strengthening China through Science and Technology” to ensure the national security.


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