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Research Center for the Fulcrum Forcing Equipment and Forming Technology

Research Centers

Research Center for the Fulcrum Forcing Equipment and Forming Technology

The fulcrum forging equipment and forming technology institute  was approved and established on June 28, 2016, As one of the innovative research institute, it is industry university research integration. We have a scientific and production team, with a chief expert of state council expert for special allowance. investment, financing expert, domestic well-known experts in forging industry, and Relevant professional engineers. According to user needs, researching on various complex forging forging equipment, technology, and the integral design of the forging factory.


Core technology


The technology of fulcrum force can make the pressure on forging increase about 5 times, By the provincial or ministerial appraisal, concluded that the technology in a leading international position.

Key research programs:
Series of large equipment and technology:  
Applications: Fan main shaft (3.0 MW); Marine shaft (below 30 ton); A large valve (below Ф900 )
Combination of crankshaft upsetting forging equipment and technology
Application: Combination of low-speed Marine crankshaft(50-60 class)
Marine crankshaft
The valve forging equipment and technology:
Application: ball valveDN50-DN400; Gate valve DN50-DN200; Classes: 150lb-2500lb; Material: A105\304\316 et al.
Series of Valve
Aviation forging equipment and technology
Application: Turbine disk ;blade (turbofan engine\gas turbine QC)
Rail transit for forging equipment and technology
Application:High-speed rail wheel (whole wheel R100427), wheel of subway
High-speed rail wheel
Industry shift:
Industrial cooperation company:
Tianjin falcao technology development co., LTD
Contact Information
Address: Building No.5, TI-Park , Hongshun Road, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Contact Person: Yuxiu Yang
Mobil: 13352091782
Email: yangyx@tsinghua-tj.org