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Research Center for Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology

Research Centers

Research Center for Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology


Under policy support in Tianjin and technical support of Tsinghua University, Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Research Center for Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology in Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University, relying on the accumulation of scientific research achievements for decades in the State Key Laboratory of Tribology and the Mechanical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, has achieved industrial transformation and application of self-assembly of filter coating, self-assembly of coatings for oil-water separation and preparation of super-hydrophobic surface technology. In addition, the research center has developed achievement transformation,  scientific research industrialization, technical support and product service work of self-assemble technology achievements and  established the mode of operation of related products of  the company.


As the director of Research Center for Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology and professor of department of Mechanical Engineering in Tsinghua University, Wang Jiadao and his team have developed new technology such as surface drag reduction, self-assembly of colloidal particles, cavitation suppression and antifouling depending on the theory of interface physics and surface engineering. 15 invention patents have been authorized, one of which has been converted into application as the core technology of a company. Wang Jiadao has won the First prize of Natural Science Award from Ministry of Education of China and the First prize of Science and Technology Invention Award from Ministry of Education of China. In addition, his team has incubated a product company Tianjin Tsing-ke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, which has realized the production, sale, application of self-assembly of filter coatings.

Business Field

1.PTFE self-assembly of coating for filter material method


                                                         Self-assembly of PTFE on the surface of fiber                             filter-bag

2. Coating technology for oil-water separation

3.Formaldehyde purification technology



4. SCR low temperature denitrification technology





Industrialization Process

  • Research and Development of UV photocatalytic Oxidation equipment for waste Gas purification
  • Study on Recycling Technology of Water-based Emulsion and equipment Development
  • VOCs gas reduction technology based on self assembled nonwoven zeolites and equipment development

Cooperativecompanies for industrialization

  • Lanzhou Petrochemical Company
  • Yangquan Coal Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Automotive Group
  • Fucheng Automotive Components Co., Ltd.


Civilian products:

  • Formaldehyde cleaning fabric
  • Deodorizer indicator
  • Air purifier
  • Self-cleaning spray
  • Cat litter mate

The Incubating Corporation for Industrialization: Tianjin Tsing-ke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

In July 2015, Tianjin Tsing-ke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd set up to filter material industry of self-assembled coating, and designed independently the coating’s production line, built the basic-research, lab-test, pilot-trial, industrialization of production base of integration, is now in full production. The project for self-assembly of coating on filter bag has established a cooperate partnership with China National Building Materials Group Corporation, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, Yangquan Coal Industry CO., LTD. 



Research Center for Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology makes use of the coating material with excellent properties including good corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistant, a utra-low coefficient of friction, a low dielectric constant, good non-stick, anti-aging performance and non-toxic. Self-assembly of coating method has been applicated on lots of material such as PPS needled mat,PET filter clothes, PET/PA blended non-woven fabric, sponge, stainless steel net, nickel foam and filter paper, which is found that the coatings lead to superhydrophobicity and superoleophility. That can be used in the field of industrial filtration, self-cleaning materials and oil-water separation, which would facilitate the low-cost, high separation efficiency and industrialization of the oil-water separation technology.

Self-assembly technology has not only changed the traditional methods for preparation and repairing of materials but also improved the stability of materials and achieved the diversification of new material function. Also, this technology has great prospect for development in the fields of molecular devices, surface engineering, nano-technology and so on. which plays an important role on the major national social science and technology issue of the resolving environment, energy, health and other fields. In the coming years, Research Center for Surface/Interfacial

Micro/Nano-technology develops actively  self-assembly micro/nano -materials with different structures and functionalized micro/nano-coating on the surface of the different substrates by the means of self-assembled technology, followed by country and market demand. We commitment to the industrialization of the new material and new coating and  contribute to a force for Chinene industrial transformation and upgrading, socio-economic development and ecological civilization construction .

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