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Research Center for Heavy Machinery Technology

Research Centers

Research Center for Heavy Machinery Technology

Research Center for Heavy Equipment Technology (hereinafter referred to as RCHET), which was founded in 2015, is a research institute under the Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as TRIAE). The institute focuses on the design and development of heavy hydraulic equipment and their production lines, including large-tonnage hydraulic close-die presses, extruding presses, multi-direction hydraulic close-die presses, and other special hydraulic equipment.

The IHET has many original critical techniques that have been widely applied and promoted, such as the pre-stressed steel-wire winding technique, the pre-stressed bumpy-ridge technique, and the intelligent pre-stressed winding technique. The relating team has scientific and engineering experiences in the heavy equipment and heavy hydraulic press design over the past few decades, winning a second prize for the National Science and Technology Progress and two of the first class prize for the Provincial Science and Technology Progress. The team has undertaken the following projects in the past few years:

400MN hydraulic close die press project: the press went into production in 2012, being the largest single-cylinder hydraulic close die press around the world. The project mainly products turbine disks and other aviation forging pieces, and undertakes the scientific and production tasks for the critical force frames, beams, and undercarriages of the fourth generation fighters and several important versions of airplanes such as Y20.

360MN ferrous-metal vertical extruding set project: as the largest ferrous-metal vertical extruding set by the time it went into production in 2009, the press broke the long-term monopoly of foreign countries, being voted as one of the ten landmark projects in the new period of China.

40/64MN multi-way hydraulic close die press project: The press went into production in 2010. The world's first prestressed steel wire winding multi-way die forging press.

120MN multi-direction hydraulic close die press project: the press went into production in 2013, applying the proprietary technology termed orthogonal pre-load frame. The multi-direction hydraulic close die production line is the largest in China. 


Core Technology

● The pre-stressed steel-wire winding technique
● The pre-stressed bumpy-ridge technique
● The intelligent pre-stressed winding technique
● Multi-way die forging process design technique


Multi-way die forging process design technique

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