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Research Centre of Embedded System and IoT

Research Centers

Research Centre of Embedded System and IoT

The Research centre of Embedded System and Internet of Things, Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua university, was established in October 15, 2016, focusing on research of embedded control and Iot technology. There are more than twenty key backbones, who have strong technology accumulation and wealth industrialization experience in the area of automation and information. The directior Changrong Xu professor was honored with the Man of the year 2010 by China Automation Association, who is the chairman of PLC branch, China Mechanical and Electrical Technology Association.

Key Technologies

Computer Technology
Signal Processing Technology
Embedded Software Technology
Automatic Control Technology
Communication Technology
Cloud Platform Technology
Data Mining Technology
System Supervisory Technology
Mobile Internet Technology




1. Based on embedded control and IoT technology, design automation products to meet industry demands.
General Programmable Controller
Special Controller for Generator
Special Controller for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Special Controller for Power Supervisory
Special Controller for Heating Network Supervisory
Special Controller for Environment Supervisory
Special Controller for Energy Saving Equipment
Special Controller for Water Treatment

2. Design and implement integrated supervisory system based on automation, communication, cloud computing and big data technologies.
Smart Factory: Power, Metallurgy, Building Materials, Chemical
Smart City: Transporation, Heating Supply, Water Supply, Gas Supply
Intelligent Life: Environment Protection, Building, Agriculture, Water conservancy

3. User and Project
Beijing Metro Company: Ground and Vehicle Controller
Tianjin Thermal Company: Automation for Gas Boiler
Changchun Heating Supply Company: Automation for Heat exchange Station
China National Petroleum Corporation: Distributed Energy Controller
China State Shipbuilding Corporation: Distributed Controller for Ship
China State Grid Corporation: Controller for UHV Transmission Line
Shenhua Group: Supervisory System for Mine Power Distribution
Xiexin Group: Supervisory System for Environment Protection
Tsinghua Qidi Group: Supervisory System for Sewage Treatment
Qingdao Metro Company: Supervisory System for Ground Power Supply
▶   Haidian Government: Control System for Energy-saving of Air Conditioning
Central African Countries: Supervisory System for Power Supply of Radio and TV




Contact Information

Address: Building No.4, TI-Park , Hongshun Road, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Contact Person: Changrong Xu
Tel: 022-84819310
Mobil: 13701392991
Email: xuchangr@tsinghua-tj.org