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Research Center for Intelligent Security Technology and Equipment

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Research Center for Intelligent Security Technology and Equipment


Ressearch Center for Intelligent Security Technology and Equipment is a subordinate organization of the Institute which founded by professors of Tsinghua University and many other experts and scholars in the field of security.


By the end of 2015, our new product--the “Marvishield intelligent three-dimensional vehicle interception system" successfully developed and won the independent intellectual property rights. It has passed the Product identification of Chinese Ministry of public security.


Core Technology

1.Anti Terror vehicle interception equipment

▶ Rapid layout road blocker (no need burial and construction)
▶ Shallow buried anti-terrorist road blocker
▶ Anti-terrorist automatic bollard
▶ Super high speed Tyre killers


2. Intelligent Vehicle Interception System

The advantages of the system

▶ Intelligent identification
▶ Multi-stage protection
▶ Early warning linkage
▶ Remote monitoring and operation Software copyright and invention patent have been obtained 


Intelligent Vehicle Interception System

3. Three dimensional visualization security system

The system has been successfully applied in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Exhibition Center. The system includes following functions and has strong scalability:Three dimensional model display in the system

▶ Three dimensional model display in the system;
▶ Overlay display of video,moving object information and motion track line in 3D scene;
▶ Automatic search target in the video screen;
▶ Detection of objects left behind;
▶ Alarm of access to unauthorized areas.


Through close contact with the market, Research Center for Intelligent Security Technology and Equipment has accumulated a lot of practical experience, laid a solid foundation for the long-term development in the field of the anti-terrorism, security industry.  In the future, we will continue to adhering "pragmatic, hard work and responsibility" spirit and "Integrity, win-win, creation" business philosophy to provide excellent technology, gold quality products and efficient service for the customers.

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