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Research Center for Test Equipment and Technology

Research Centers

Research Center for Test Equipment and Technology

The center integrates development, design, production and sales, technology support and service as a whole. It focuses on the research and development of advanced test equipment and technology in machinery industry, especially the experimental research of gear transmission system.


The scientific research team brought together many technical talents under the leadership of the head of Technology. They have made full use of the advantages of the unit's platform and the technical advantage of the previous technical team, undertaking many major projects in a short time. So they accumulated a wealth of project experience, especially the experience of high precision reducer test bench, making the Institute's professional level occupy the commanding heights.


Core Technology

● Test method of transmission system
● Test equipment of transmission system
● Engineering consulting service in the development of gearbox


RV Reducer Comprehensive Performance Test Bench            Bearing Test Bench

Electric Control Cabinet              RV Reducer Static Torque Test Bench


Industrialization Process

The key technology products have been completed and delivered to the user, getting the high evaluation of the user. We are negotiating related business with a number of production enterprise of transmission system at the same time. The industrialization company is responsible for the transformation of technical achievements and foreign cooperation. We set up an undertaking company in Xiangyang for test and test service for the development phase of the new energy vehicle power assembly.



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Contact Person: Huijuan Zhu
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