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Research Center for Digital Smart Equipment

Research Centers

Research Center for Digital Smart Equipment

Research Center for Digital Smart Equipment,Tianjin Advanced Equipment Research Institute,Tsinghua University,focuses on the integration of military-civilian needs in the territory of advanced equipment industry. Developing collaborative and agile network manufacturing technologies and intelligent digital equipment-controlling technologies. To take the opportunities and challenges brought by the globalization of the advanced and distinctive product manufacturing and striving to contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing. To serve aerospace manufacturing equipment, military special vehicle manufacturing equipment and emergency response industry, innovating and implementing the new mode of digital intelligent equipment network manufacturing production.
Core Technologies
1.Special vehicle manufacturing digital intelligent equipment
■  Overload digital positioning and docking assembly platform
■  Top-loading system digital joint test and assembly platform
■  External vehicle system digital assembly platform
■  Integrated vehicle bus simulation platform
2.Aircraft manufacturing digital intelligent equipment
■  Aviation joint bearing test equipment
■  Aviation joint bearing technology equipment
■  Third-party testing and evaluation test for aviation bearings
■  Aviation advanced self-lubricating joint bearing series
3.Graphene adsorption material digital intelligent production equipment
■  Graphene oil spill emergency cleaning series
■  Oil spill emergency cleaning equipment
Based on the integration of military and civilian intelligence equipment industry, and guided by the market demand for sets of advanced digital equipment manufactured in China, a series of new products for aerospace manufacturing equipment, military special vehicle equipment and emergency industry have been developed. Through the transformation of research achievements, the development of engineering technology and the promotion of industrialization, the production、learn、research and collaborative development of equipment manufacturing industry in China are promoted.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Hongye Meng
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Email: amy_mhy@126.com
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