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Research Centers

Research Center for Robot and Automation Equipment

Research Center for Robot and Automation Equipment

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Research Center for Robot and Automation Equipment

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Research Center for Robot and Automation Equipment of Tianjin Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University, (hereinafter referred to as the “the Center") was formally established on February 1, 2015 as the base for Professor Chen Ken and his team with the purpose of transformation and industrial incubation of scientific and technological achievements of intelligent robots and automation equipment.

As an institution for R & D of intelligent robot technologies and products, the Center, holding the concept of "truth-seeking, harmony and enterprise" for development, aims at building an engineering technology innovation and industrial incubation platform by bringing into play to the discipline and talent advantages of Tsinghua University and Tianjin’s unique geographical position, to promote transformation of technical achievements and talent training, and hopefully give impetus to Tianjin’s economic restructuring and industrial development. Additionally, with its technical supremacy in the fields of aerospace, defense and people’s livelihood, the Center also provides the comprehensive and multi-level social services for development of technologies and products of intelligent robot and automation equipment .

The main areas of the Center include

1. Special intelligent robots and automation equipment in the field of aircraft, space and marine
? The automatic spraying intelligent robots and automation equipment for aircraft, space and shipbuilding industries;
? The digital assembly robots and automation equipment for aircraft, space and shipbuilding industries;
? The robot system for processing of special materials for aircraft, space and shipbuilding industries.

2. Humanoid and bionic intelligent robots in the fields of education, health, military and social services 
? The humanoid intelligent robots for education and social services;
? The bionic service robots;
? The medical operation robots;
? The bionic mobile robots and function assistant robots for military use .

3. Industrial intelligent robots and automation integrated system
? The intelligent welding robots for electronic products; 
? The robots for pipeline inspection, cleaning and dredging;
? The industrial robots for transferring, packing, and accurate grinding of materials; 
? The industrial automation production line system based on robot.

Relying on the Robot institute of Tsinghua University since its inception, the Center has been striving to carry out the transformation of research achievements and push forward the development and industrialization of technologies to promote the integration of industry, education and research for China’s advanced robot and automation equipment in accordance with the market demands. A company incubated by the Center, Qingyan  Huayu Intelligent Robots Tianjin Co., Ltd. has been set up. The Center will be built into an innovative R & D center of intelligent robot and automation equipment, in which development, design, production and sales will be integrated as a whole.  

Listed as an important part of strategic emerging industries in China’s 12th Five-year Plan, industrialization of robot, which is regarded as one of the basic equipment of China's advanced manufacturing, is facing with a historical development opportunity. Speeding up the process of the industrialization with the intelligent robot as its mainstay is the objective requirement. We are looking forward to cooperating with you hand in hand in the future.

Contact Information
Address: Building No.4, TI-Park , Hongshun Road, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Contact Person: Lan Bo
Tel: 022-84819418 
Mobil: 18522169653
Email: lanbo@tsinghua-tj.org

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