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RoboCup Asia-Pacific Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2019

Introduction of the Tournament

Introduction of the Tournament

About Tournament
Introduction of the Tournament
As an important part of Word Intelligence Congress (WIC), RoboCup Asia-Pacific Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2019 (abbreviated as RCAP Tianjin Invitational 2019) is to be held at the Tianjin Airport Sports Center(Tianjin Konggang Sports Center)from May 15-18, 2019. With authorization of RCAP Confederation, the tournament is an international RoboCup Asia-Pacific competition organized by the Tianjin Municipal Government. There are 6 RoboCup Leagues in RCAP Tianjin Invitational 2019, including RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League,RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform, RoboCupSoccer Middle size League, RoboCup@home League,RCAP CoSpace Grand Prix , and RCAP CoSpace Rescue . The CoSpace event is an important point event in RCAP. Approximately 100 primary, secondary and university teams from the United States, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Pakistan, Thailand, Ukraine, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and so on will participate in the competition. Proximately, more than 500 people will gather in Tianjin to compete in the field of robotic artificial intelligence. The event has been highly valued by the Tianjin Municipal Government. Tianjin TV will broadcast the event live during the thrilling time of the competition. Other relevant mainstream media and professional media will also report the event simultaneously.


  清华大学天津高端装备研究院 清华大学天津高端装备研究院

        RoboCupSoccer Humanoid                                             RCAP CoSpace Rescue   


RCAP Tianjin Invitational 2019 will be organized by Tianjin Municipal Government and RCAP Confederation, and co-organized by Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University, Administrative Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Robot Industry Association. This prestigious international event will bring together top talents and projects from the AI , robotics and automation industry worldwide to Tianjin. The competition will shape the future of the robotics industry and further promote the knowledge on AI, industrial robots and educational robots, and intelligent manufacturing. And the introduction of high-tech talent is of great significance. In addition to robotic competition, the tournament also organizes 2 Symposiums on Robot Industry and Robot Education. Industry experts, entrepreneurs, education specialists, investment institutions and customers from the domestic and international robotics fields will discuss over the development trend in robotics and robotic education. The symposium endorses a “zero-distance” communication between domestic and international academic masters, and fosters a multi-channel capital connection and the most cutting-edge information sharing on robotics.


RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform                          RoboCupSoccerMiddleSize


The Robot World Cup Initiative is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotic research by providing a standard problem, playing soccer, where wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.
Multi-agent systems represent a growing area of research in the AI community, but mostly due to the variety of applications in which multi-agent systems have been used, contacts and exchanges between groups of researchers working in this domain have not been so frequent. The RoboCup offers the possibility to confront and exchange ideas in a common domain and encourages researchers to establish and keeping contacts with each other.
The RoboCup Federation proposed the ultimate goal of the RoboCup Initiative to be stated as follows:
“By 2050, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win a soccer game, complying with the official FIFA rules, against the winner of the most recent World Cup of Human Soccer.”
RoboCup Asia-Pacific(RCAP)
RoboCup Asia-Pacific Confederation (RCAP) is a super-regional headquarter representing the RoboCup Federation coordinating RoboCup activities in the Asia-Pacific region. The RCAP headquarter is located in Singapore. 
RCAP is an international academic organization to build up a robotics and AI education, research and industry eco-system. It is also the most influential and largest advanced robotics and AI event in the Asia-Pacific region. RCAP will host a number of events each year in the Asia-Pacific region and its finals will be held in either fall or winter each year.


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