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Joint laboratory for Energy Equipment and Technology

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Joint laboratory for Energy Equipment and Technology

On November 28, 2015, Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University and Lanzhou LS Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides decided to build a research center commonly aiming at further cooperation in scientific research, scientific achievement transformation, high-tech company cultivation, advanced equipment manufacturing and industry integration. The Joint Center for Energy Equipment and Technology was formally established on June 6, 2016.

In line with the principle of friendly cooperation, mutual benefit, complementary advantages and common development, Lanzhou LS Group Co. and Tianjin Research Institute fully integrate the technology advantage of Tianjin Research Institute and LS Group’s manufacturing advantage in High-end equipment field, and co-build the Joint center which focuses on the strategic layout of LS Group Co., Ltd.

The target of building the Joint Center is development of new material and advanced energy equipment and transformation of technical achievements. The Joint Center relies on the following institutes: Institute of Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology, Institute of Advanced Energy Equipment Technology, Institute of Robot and Automation Equipment, Institute of Additive Manufacturing Technology and Engineering, Institute of Heavy Equipment Technology. The Joint Center sets a management committee which is composed of some senior research personnel and management personnel from both two sides. The management committee shall establish operation and management measures for the Joint Center, and its function is to determine the research and development goals of the center and make major decisions.

At present, the management committee has passed three projects, which includes "Nano self-assembly coating filter material and equipment", "OTSG pipe processing and welding technology development", "Prototype robot development for nondestructive flaw detection of large scale steel structure". These three projects, as the first batch of research and development projects, have been launched the research and design work. 

By the platform of Joint Center, Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University and Lanzhou LS Group Co., Ltd. has carried out tight technical cooperation in developing new technology, creating fresh industry fields and adding more benefits for the company. The Joint Center aims at being a paragon of corporation of Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University and LS Group Co., Ltd.

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