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Joint Center for Inverter Technology

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Joint Center for Inverter Technology

In July 2017, Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University and Qingdao Haier Intelligence Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd., formally set up a joint center for Inverter Technology. The initiation of the cooperation indicates the Chinese home appliance industry leader and the Tsinghua academic and research group have entered a new stage.



The Joint Center has practical missions: joint development of home appliances core frequency conversion technology, master independent intellectual property rights. In the meanwhile, Tsinghua team use the existing research foundation and results to help Haier air conditioning products in the use of motor control software is finishing, digestion and improvement, and Haier R & D team technical training, and ultimately the formation of independent product development capabilities and control software. The two sides use Tsinghua and Haier to master the domestic and foreign resources, jointly for the Haier air conditioning motor used in the development of chips, and to study its applicability in other household electrical appliances. Tsinghua team, based on the existing patent, research and development of new compressors and other core technologies for Haier next generation of home appliances to provide technology platform.


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