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Research Center for Intelligent and Rehabilitation Equipment

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Research Center for Intelligent and Rehabilitation Equipment

Depending on the research advantage of mechanical design and theory national key discipline of Tsinghua University and accumulation of scientific achievements in the past decades, Research Center for Intelligent and Rehabilitation Equipment of Tsinghua University Tianjin High-end Equipment Academy works on achievement transformation, research industrialization, product service and other aspects of intelligent mechanical products  with policy support from Tianjin Municipal Government and technical support from Tsinghua University. 

As the first research body starting rehabilitation engineering study in China, the rehabilitation engineering research team of Tsinghua University Mechanical Engineering Department enjoys a high popularity both at home and abroad. During 4 decades of rehabilitation engineering study, it has carried out more than 40 national-level research programs relating to rehabilitation engineering successively. It takes the lead in developing about a dozen of rehabilitation testing platform and rehabilitation robot system equipment, achieves many research achievements filling the blank within the country and wins more than 60 national patent authorizations for invention. Developed with clinical rehabilitation physicians, all these sample robots play a significant role in promoting solutions for clinical rehabilitation issues after passing strict patient clinical trial verification.

Main responsibilities of Research Center for Intelligent and Rehabilitation Equipment include

▶  Design, trial production, test and industrialization research of intelligent equipment
▶  Design, trial production, assembly and commercialization of products assisting handicapped or elderly people and products about people’s livelihood
▶  Digital design, mechanical system optimization and technical service for special industries

Business area

1. Neuro-rehabilitation robot

▶  Upper limb neuro-rehabilitation robot and its clinical training models and training methods
▶  Lower limb neuro-rehabilitation robot and its clinical training models and training methods
▶  Digital and network-based intelligence training robot system


2. Exoskeleton robot

▶  Exoskeleton robot assisting standing and walking of high paraplegia patients
▶  Storage exoskeleton walk aid instrument assisting dorsal spinal cord injury patients

3. Intelligent prosthesis robot

▶  Intelligent knee prosthesis
▶  Powered ankle prosthesis


Industrial cooperation enterprises:

▶  Kangbolt Technologies Co., Ltd.

Technical cooperation units and clinical application hospitals:

▶  the China Rehabilitation Research Centre
▶  the Beijing Charity Hospital, China Rehabilitation Research Centre
▶  the Chinese PLA General Hospital, 301 Hospital
▶  the Chinese PLA General Hospital, 305 Hospital
▶  the Second Hospital of Beijing
▶  the Yantai Mountain Hospital of Shandong
▶  the Affiliated Hospital of National Rehabilitation Aids Research Center, etc.

As people’s demands on life quality increases, intelligent rehabilitation robots technology and its industrialization development are facing great opportunities. Our institute will devote to R&D of rehabilitation technology and rehabilitation devices and popularize more intelligent rehabilitation equipment in all levels of rehabilitation hospitals to reduce labor intensity of rehabilitation physicians, lower patients’ dependency on rehabilitation physicians during the rehabilitation process and increase clinical rehabilitation effects and level. We welcome all peers with interest in our institute and look forward to cooperation with you to benefit the public. 

Contact Information

Address: Building No.4, TI-Park , Hongshun Road, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Contact Person: Zili Cao
Mobil: 13716126384
Email: caozl@tsinghua-tj.org