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Industrialization of Technology

Industrialization of Technology

Industrialization of Technology


Research Center for Robot and Automation Equipment

Service Robots

▶ Exterior design and manufacturing has been completed;
▶ One utility model patent;
▶ Cooperative extension intention with SM square。


Educational Robots

▶ A complete education system has been established;
▶ A new round of improvements has been finished and small scale production is in progres;
▶ Technical cooperation with Tuling Education Corporation。


Research Center for Surface/Interfacial Micro/Nano-technology

Self-Assembly of Coating for Filter Material Industrial and Application

▶ Be used in industrial gas filtration, super-clean emissions;
▶ July 2015, Set up Tianjin Tsing-ke Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd;
▶ 11/22/2015 , The project is in full production officially, annual production capacity of up to 1.5 million square meters;
▶ Good market response, sales revenue in 2016 is expected up to 10 million.


Self-Assembly of Coating for Filter Material Method

▶ Micro/Nano structural units, the spontaneous formation of ordered structure under specific circumstances or conditions;
▶ High coverage, good corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistant, a utra-low coefficient of friction, a low dielectric constant, good non-stick, anti-aging performance and non-toxic. 


Nano-Structural Self-Assembly Coating Technology for Oil-Water Separation

▶ Superhydrophobicity and superoleophility coating modified, various forms of oil-water separation;
▶ Coating technology for oil-water separation, applied to oily wastewater, marine oil spills, commercial kitchen, machine processing industry, and so on;
▶ Won the Tsinghua Alumni Association “Innovation, Business, Idea competition” seed group champion;
▶ It has received 5 million angel investment, to speed up the process of industrialization.


Method for Preparing Superhydrophobic Coatings

▶ Water droplet contact angle on surface greater than 150 degrees, the roll angle is less than 10 degrees;
▶ Hardly capture dust and other impurities;
▶ The rolling of drops takes away dust;
▶ Applied to exterior walls, wind turbine blade, solar power self-cleaning.


Research Center for Additive Manufacturing Technology and Engineering

Technology of Electron beam selective melting additive manufacturing

▶ The research center as well as the company Qbeam3D based on the Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology were established on September, 2015.
▶ The cooperation agreement with a ten million RMB capitalization was signed with the Tongda Powder Technology Co., Ltd.
▶ The Qbeam3D company applied more than 12 invention patents and utility model patents, and 6 trademarks.
▶ The new Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing product EBSM-R2 was planned to be announced at the end of 2016.


Research Center for Electromagnetic Strengthening Technology for Tools and Bearings

Electromagnetic Strengthening Technology for Tools and Bearings

▶ Superhard CBN tools(ISCAR from Israel) after electromagnetic treatment: the life of tools rises 3 times.
▶ Cemented carbide coated milling tool for titanium machining (WALTER from Germany) :the life of tools rises 4 times at high speed cutting;
▶ Cemented carbide coated turning tool for heat-resistant steel machining (Sandvik from Sweden): the treated tools have been on trial for 1 year in Shanghai Electric, leading to 80 reduction in purchase quota;
▶ A certain high speed bearing: life rises 5 times after treated, and have been ordered as official products.



Engineering equipment research of sand industry

R&D results of mechanical equipment

▶ Compression debarker: According to the sand willow manufacturing process, debark and shred the sand willow;
▶ Feeding and felting machine: Felt the modified sand willow strands with required weight in unified shape;
▶ 5000T vertical press machine: Manufacture the sand willow column using felted sand willow strands.

Industrialization result of Institute

▶ Cooperate with the Tianjin Bohai Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
▶ Build a green building material base that produces 500 thousand M³ sand willow column per year.



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