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1.One-stop Services
▶ business registration
▶ taxation charge affaires
▶ IP
▶ Legal consulting
▶ management training
▶ business butt
▶ project application
▶ Brand promotion

2.Innovative Value-added Services
▶ Top level talent docking
We provide professional personnel docking services for enterprises with the advantages of teachers, scientific and technological resources of Tsinghua University and institutes.
▶ Industrialization of scientific and technological achievements
THTI creates a platform for the research teams and enterprises to have a cooperation for carrying out the transformation and industrialization of research achievements and assisting enterprises to enhance innovation power.
▶ To build R&D platform
THTI could build the joint centers with enterprises or research centers for the settled enterprises to realize the technology innovation and brand promotion,  with the scientific and research advantages of Tsinghua and R&D platform advantage of THTI.
▶ Talents cultivation
THTI cultivates talents for settled enterprises by the talents advantages of Tsinghua University and the channel of joint centers with
▶  Financial services docking
Managed funds can provide financing services to enterprises.