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Dongli District is located at the core area of the  Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration region, which connects the Tianjin urban area and the Binhai New Area. So THTI is located at the heart of the core area.

The first phase of THTI is located in the Ti-Park of Tianjin with 35000㎡. 16000㎡ of middle test base and industry base is located in Low-Carbon Park of Huaming. The second phase is planned be built in Tsinghua bay that located next to Dongli Lake with 130000 ㎡. The intelligent manufacturing industry park will be built in Huaming Hi-Tech Zone.

There are 100㎡, 300㎡, 500㎡, or 1000㎡ of choices for the research innovation and industry incubation space in THTI. THTI has complete facilities, integrity equipment and strong acdemic atmosphere, and it is the first choice for the advanced manufacturing innovation enterprises.