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Tianjin SciTsing QuickBeam Tech.Co., Ltd.

Qbeam3D provides metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions including machines, services and materials. 

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The Electron Beam Selective Melting (EBSM) technology builds parts with excellent material  properties directly from CAD model. Qbeam3D is devoted to promote its applications on medical implant and aerospace industries.


The latest self-developed QbeamLab EBSM machine


The Qbeam3D research group, mainly graduates of Tsinghua University, has been studied the EBSM technology for more than ten years, developed the EBSM system with independent intellectual property, obtained more than 10 national invention patents.

Contact Information
Address: Building C1, Low-carbon Industry Park, Huaming Hi-Tech Zone, Dongli Destrict, Tianjin, P.R.China
Postcode: 300300
Contact Person: Chao Guo
Tel: 022-84856136
Mobil: 18911593278