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Welcome from the Dean

Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as " THTI") is a key project of the comprehensive cooperation between Tianjin municipal government and Tsinghua University. It is the important content to implement the National Integration Strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, which aims at integrating technological and talents advantages of Tsinghua University as well as the regional industrial advantage of Tianjin. Taking innovative driven as the core, industrial demands as the guidance, THTI will build a technological transformation, industrial incubation and talents attraction platform to serve the strategic demand of “Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation” and to promote the technological development and industrial upgrading of Tianjin.

The establishment of THTI in Tianjin is the strategic layout of Tianjin and Tsinghua University under the background of recovery in global manufacturing, which provides advanced technology and top talents for the “Made in China 2025” Plan and the transformation from “Manufacturing Productive Nation” to “Powerful Manufacturing Nation”. THTI will build public R&D platform for advanced equipment, and domestic top level R&D base for advance equipment, basing on its two core ideas of building a channel from fundamental research to industrialization, and providing technology support and innovate achievements for enterprise development.

THTI confirmed its science and research transformation and industry incubation direction combining the industrial structural characteristics and industrial development direction of Tianjin, targeting at five strategic areas as energy equipment, marine equipment, rail transit, aviation, and military equipment, with intelligence, energy-saving and environmental protection as THTI’s core scientific research direction. THTI will bring in outstanding research teams in related field and direction from Tsinghua
University, domestic and abroad to conduct scientific research and achievement transformation.

THTI’s strategic development objective is divided into two steps: firstly, to become a first-level research institute in China’s manufacturing field in the early stage of China’s 13th Five Year Plan; secondly, to develop into a world-class innovation center in the manufacturing industry in the year of 2025.  

Basing on Dongli District, looking at the world, THTI pursuits excellence and aims at brilliance. THTI sincerely invites far-sighted personage all over the world to join us and make outstanding contribution in turning China from a “manufacturing productive nation” into a “powerful manufacturing nation”.